Apr 28, 2010

girls april tour video

by chrissybaby

still blue still turning pt.2

hey, the beautiful slow-fi new york duo still blue still turning put all their stuff on bandcamp so you can get it for free. so GET it.

Apr 27, 2010

introducing: beko dsl

beko dsl is a digital label based in france. they put on a new single which you can download for free every monday. among others, they released one of my most favorite singles this year, to the lighthouse (b/w lately) by memoryhouse. you can get all the singles on their website. lots of great stuff by bands like moscow olympics, woodsman, million young, tan dollar, rxry, eternal summers....the list is long. check their myspace. highly recommended!

best coast 'our deal'

i've had this tune on repeat for past hour or so. this is new best coast's song from the upcoming album i can't wait to hear.

Apr 15, 2010


i have no idea who's behind this band. they joined myspace yesterday.

all i can say about this song is: THIS IS THE NEXT BIG THING!!

still blue still turning

new york duo still blue still turning is incredible. at first, it was one of those random myspace finds but right after the first song came on, i was totally overwhelmed by the beauty of it. the first couple of songs on their myspace are sad, piano/synth driven, atmospheric soundscapes. it kinda reminded me of perfume genius. just without vocals. but then 'i can't breathe' started and my jaws literally dropped when the layered shoegaze guitars appeared making this solid wall of sound. this is really amazing!!

sill blue still turning is ryan brady and ray duer. last year, they released an album 'simone' on hand rolled gold and currently, they're recording a new one. i seriously can't wait to hear more from these guys. they're brilliant.

i can't choose which song to post here because they're all great, so please listen to them all on their myspace. i can vouch of it.

summer camp

this band is just gorgeous.


Apr 14, 2010

best coast 'when i'm with you'

the raddest video ever!!! best coast is the best band in the world right now!

Apr 13, 2010

gauntlet hair

at first, i wasn't very much into this gauntlet hair blogosphere appreciation (i liked the name though)...but after few listens, i had to admit that their most noted song 'i was thinking...' is pretty catchy.

now, this tune b/w with 'our scenery' is comming out on 7" in summer on forest family as their second release after (now sold out) cults 7". this label is getting more and more interesting.

Apr 6, 2010

glitter bones

i just came across this band's myspace. glow in the dark is amazing. download 'returning the magic' here and buy the 12" on svn sns records when it's done!


yuck are one of my favorite new bands. they're from london/new jersey/hiroshima which probably makes them automatically cool...but their music is also pretty good! may it be some shoegaze nostalgia (georgia) or this piano driven downer (automatic), it always sounds pretty neat.

they've recently released a split 7" with herzog via transparent. more to come soon, i hope.

and even times new viking (with whom yuck toured the uk) told me they're great. what more do you need? i want to see them live!

Georgia from Yuck on Vimeo.

band of the day #3: best coast

i'm pretty much into this revival of 50's - 60's pop music, california sound and stuff like that. a lot of bands have been popping up lately playing this kind of music. most of them are pretty good, but if i had to choose, best coast would be my most favorite.

bethany cosentino started her music career at a pretty young age. after recording some songs and putting them on myspace, some major labels showed interest in releasing her music and making a teenage pop star out of her. she turned them down and stopped making music for a while. then she moved to new york to study creative writing. there she realized how much she misses west coast, so she dropped out of college, moved to los angeles and started best coast.

she's released a couple of 7" and eps and currently is finishing her debut album. best coast is awesome.

Apr 2, 2010

sam amidon

i saw sam amidon playing live at this small gallery yesterday. totally unplugged, he just sat in a corner and started playing 'i see the sign' from his newest album. it was one of the most beautiful moments i've ever experienced in my life. his voice build up such an intense atmosphere it took me (and hopefully that twenty other people too) somewhere out of this world. his music is pure beauty.

check his new album 'i see the sign' recorded in iceland and released on bedroom community. and if you ever get the chance, go see him live. it was a highlight of my life.