Apr 6, 2010

band of the day #3: best coast

i'm pretty much into this revival of 50's - 60's pop music, california sound and stuff like that. a lot of bands have been popping up lately playing this kind of music. most of them are pretty good, but if i had to choose, best coast would be my most favorite.

bethany cosentino started her music career at a pretty young age. after recording some songs and putting them on myspace, some major labels showed interest in releasing her music and making a teenage pop star out of her. she turned them down and stopped making music for a while. then she moved to new york to study creative writing. there she realized how much she misses west coast, so she dropped out of college, moved to los angeles and started best coast.

she's released a couple of 7" and eps and currently is finishing her debut album. best coast is awesome.

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  1. I agree its great but Wavves, Girls.... who else? No Age?