Apr 15, 2010

still blue still turning

new york duo still blue still turning is incredible. at first, it was one of those random myspace finds but right after the first song came on, i was totally overwhelmed by the beauty of it. the first couple of songs on their myspace are sad, piano/synth driven, atmospheric soundscapes. it kinda reminded me of perfume genius. just without vocals. but then 'i can't breathe' started and my jaws literally dropped when the layered shoegaze guitars appeared making this solid wall of sound. this is really amazing!!

sill blue still turning is ryan brady and ray duer. last year, they released an album 'simone' on hand rolled gold and currently, they're recording a new one. i seriously can't wait to hear more from these guys. they're brilliant.

i can't choose which song to post here because they're all great, so please listen to them all on their myspace. i can vouch of it.

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